Building A Vision for Gage Park High School

Building A Vision for Gage Park High School

IMG_8862A group of SWOP leaders, along with staff from Gage Park High School and partners gathered in the school cafeteria on Tuesday, July 18th for the first of two planning sessions.  The goal of the first session was to develop a vision of a successful Gage Park High School.  The goal of the second session, to be held on August 15th, is to develop the action plan to bring that vision to fruition.

The group began with a discussion on what everyone knew about Gage Park.  Answers ranged from “it has a rich history” to “Gage is working hard at creating a space that is safe and open to social emotional learning” to “Gage used to have almost 1,000 students.”

IMG_8864Next, the group spent time working individually and collectively to identify a vision that everyone can support.  Through their discussions, the group identified eight big areas where they had visions of success for Gage Park.  The big areas of the vision are: Academic Success, Post-secondary Success, Built Environment, Community School, Safe Space, Full Capacity, Model for Schools That Need Reform, and Student Centric.  Within each of these categories, the group came up with one to ten specific vision statements on what success will look like at Gage Park.  Specific vision statements included: “Robust teacher professional development” and “Health center at GPHS” and “600-800 enrollment.”

If you are interested in participating in the next planning session, please contact Jamillah Rashad at

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