Community Wraps Up Planning Process at Gage Park

Community Wraps Up Planning Process at Gage Park

IMG_0316On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, more than 25 SWOP leaders, Gage Park educators, students, and alumnus gathered in the Gage Park High School cafeteria.  They came together to answer the question: What Actions Should We Take to Achieve Our Vision For Gage Park High School?  Their work built off a similar session held on July 17th (find a report on this meeting here) where the group built a vision for the school.

After introductions and an update from principal Tamika Ball, the participants discussed what is and is not working at the school.  The group believed the school is headed in the right direction, that they liked the number of sports teams that are up and running, and the communication with parents and students.  The group was concerned with competition from charter schools, the overall lack of funding for schools, and though attendance is up, the number of students at Gage Park.

IMG_0320Joel Rodriguez then led the group through a planning exercise to identify potential action steps for the group to take.  Several great ideas came out of the discussion.  These include: developing feeder school relationships; conducting “reverse shadow days” where GPHS students attend local middle schools to spread the word about the good work of the school; and, instituting family nights to bring parents into the school and get them more involved.

If you are interested in helping to implement the action plans, please contact Jamillah Rashad at

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