Parent Mentors Ready To Work

Parent Mentors Ready To Work

IMG_0329School is back in session and that means it is time for Parent Mentors to be back in classrooms helping students succeed. During the week of October 2nd, 120 parents, from 12 local schools, gathered at Gage Park High School to build their skills. Mostly moms, these emerging leaders have committed to their children and their schools that they will work collectively to make things better.

Now in its second decade of work, the Parent Mentor Program is an effort that places parents in classrooms to assist the teacher in making sure all students succeed. The parents volunteer for 2 hours a day, Monday through Thursday, providing small group instruction, one on one tutoring, and engagement work with other parents. On Fridays, the Parent Mentors participate in leadership development training. SWOP’s Parent Mentor Program is part of a state-wide effort running in 72 schools across the state.

Each year, all the participants in the Parent Mentor Program participate in this week of training to prepare for the school year. They learn how to support teachers and students, how to bring more parents into the school and engage them in their children’s learning, and how they themselves can become more involved in public life.

IMG_0330The training is led by Parent Mentor Organizers, former program participants themselves. They know what it takes to be helpful and successful in a classroom and they share their knowledge with new parents coming into the program. The training gives the Coordinators an opportunity to expand their public life skills while ensuring that knowledge about the program gets carried from one group of participants to the next.

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