Reclaiming Campbell Avenue

Reclaiming Campbell Avenue

SWOP has recently purchased multiple buildings on the 5900 and 6000 blocks of South Campbell Avenue, as the next phase of Reclaiming Southwest Chicago gets underway.  Two vacant four-unit buildings near the corner of 60th and Campbell have been purchased, as well as a single family home at 6036. 

SWOP is also working on acquisition of two other properties on the 5900 block through the Cook County Land Bank Authority.  5925 S. Campbell is a single family home right next door to 5921 S. Campbell, a two-flat that has been an eyesore for many years.

After acquisition, architectural plans will be developed and submitted to the City of Chicago for permit.  Upon completion of the rehab work these properties will be leased or sold the neighborhood residents at affordable prices.

Once permits are obtained to begin construction on the properties, it should be about three to four months until they’re ready to reoccupy. SWOP is eager to get this process started.

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