SWOP Parent Mentor Program Expands

SWOP Parent Mentor Program Expands

With support from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Chicago Public Schools’ Community Schools Initiative (CSI), SWOP is expanding the Parent Mentor Program to four new schools.  The new schools in Southwest Chicago that are implementing the program are Hampton, Edwards, Hurley, and Christopher.  Parent Mentor organizers are busy right now recruiting coordinators and parents for the expansion effort.

This exciting development was made possible when ISBE increased the Parent Mentor Program budget from $1.4 million last year to $2.5 million this year.  In addition to providing SWOP with the funding to expand to four schools, the Parent Mentor Program will also be implemented by nine new organizations around the state.  Each new group will be working in two schools in their communities.  SWOP, in partnership with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, runs the Parent Engagement Institute and already supports 13 non-profits in Illinois to implement the Parent Mentor Program and will be assisting these new organizations as they roll out the program.

CSI is providing an additional $25,000 to SWOP for the expansion in the four Southwest Chicago schools.  The CSI team sees the Parent Mentor Program as an excellent way to increase parent engagement in schools and to help improve academic outcomes for students.  The CSI team also helped make connections with the principals and teachers at the new schools.

For more information on the Parent Mentor Program, contact Maggie Perales at mperales@swopchicago.org or 773-471-8208 ext. 118.

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