Coming Soon- Community Employer Assisted Housing Program!

Coming Soon- Community Employer Assisted Housing Program!

SWOP is pleased to announce the development of a “Community Employer Assisted Housing Program (CEAHP).” Through the generous support of Chase Bank and local employers, SWOP will be offering this program. The community employer assisted housing program will be providing $2,500 grants to eligible employees to purchase a home within the Reclaiming Southwest Chicago Campaign borders. In line with SWOP’s mission to empower and enable individuals and families in the community to determine their own future and connect with each other to improve the neighborhoods, the community employer assisted housing program will provide an opportunity to encourage home ownership and expand affordable housing.

The $2,5000 grant assistance can be used on any home between California Ave and Western Ave and 59th and 71st streets. Additional financial assistance may be available through the city’s Micro Market Recovery Program (MMRP) and lending opportunities are available through Neighborhood Housing Services. Current employers included in the program are Chase Bank and Holy Cross Hospital/Sinai Health System, however, any employers located in or near SWOP’s target area are welcome to join the program.

Interested families and individuals must be employed by a participating employer for one year and be in good standing. Applicants to CEAHP must also be the primary resident of the home for the first five years after purchase and must complete a HUD-approved home-ownership counseling course. To be eligible an applicant’s household income must fall within 120% of the area median income.

If you would like to apply for the program or are interested in having your local business become part of the program, please reach out to us! Please contact Harry Meyer at 773-471-8208 (ext. 131) or or Amanda Reilly at 773-471-8208 (ext. 115), to learn more about this opportunity.

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