Action Council Meeting

Action Council Meeting

Action Councils are spaces for SWOP organizers to share about their work. Partners, members, volunteers, and more gathered together to learn updates and be invited to work on campaigns.

At Thursday’s Action Council on November 14, organizers shared updates on their work with immigration, building community safety, and education. Most of the time focused on the 2020 census because it impacts everything of which SWOP is a part.

Imelda Salazar, who is leading SWOP’s work on the Census work, presented why the census matters to SWOP. Imelda emphasized that SWOP’s primary reason for doing census work is to build power – the power to act – in SWOP’s communities.

The census will also impact SWOP’s communities and therefore our work together. Politically, the census may impact the number of representatives Illinois has. Illinois could lose one or two seats in the House of Representatives. Economically, the census impacts the distribution of resources to different communities. It is important that all people are counted in the right place.

To learn more about the Census, check out the links on our Census 2020 page.

To partner with SWOP to get an accurate count of our population, contact organizer Imelda at

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