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Now Is The Time To Register To Vote for the March 20 General Election in Illinois

SWOP, with support from the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Equal Voices Campaign, is undertaking a non-partisan voter registration drive and Get Out The Vote campaign.  Two leaders, Azalia Martinez and Stephanie Maltos, are working in schools and faith institutions to find and register new voters and to get people who have not voted in recent elections to come out and vote in the Illinois Primary Election on March 20th.  SWOP’s goal is to register 250 new voters and contact and move to the polls 1,000 people who have not voted in recent elections.

Having started the campaign on January 19th, they have already met with parents from seven schools.  They are working to sign up students at Daley College.  They will also sign up voters at the end of Mass at several local churches in the next few weeks.

A few things to know about registering to vote.  If you will turn 18 on or before the November 6, 2018 General Election, you can register and vote in the March 20 Primary Election.  If you have moved recently, you need to re-register.  If you have not voted for several elections, you need to check to be sure your registration is still valid.  You can do this by re-registering.  The deadline for paper voter registrations for the March primary is February 20th.

If you have any questions or want SWOP to come to your institution to register voters (or missed the Feb 20 deadline), please contact David McDowell at dmcdowell@swopcchicago.org or 773-471-8208 ext. 112.


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