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Get Out The Vote 2019

SWOP’s non-partisan Get Out The Vote Campaign began on March 30th 2019 and extended through the evening of Election Day on April 2nd.  Eighty-nine Parent Mentors, young people, SWOP organizers, and volunteers mobilized and knocked on doors throughout the four day campaign.  In an effort to increase voter turnout in in Chicago’s southwest side in the runoff election, SWOP leaders walked through their neighborhoods talking to voters about the importance of the election.

Through Get Out The Vote efforts, SWOP successfully made contact with 1,607 registered voters and confirmed that 603 people went out to vote in the April 2nd elections. Leaders and organizers who canvassed the neighborhoods came from diverse backgrounds and were a reminder to everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, and ethnic background, that going out to vote is a way to make your voice heard. This campaign served as a great way to expose leaders to public life and increasing understanding of what civic engagement is all about. Together, parents, youth, volunteers, and organizers experienced what is was like to have a meaningful impact in our communities by getting people out to vote.


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