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Juan: A DACA Story

Juan Ramirez picture for DACA Story 9.5.17My name is Juan and I am a DACA beneficiary.  I came to this country with my family when I was 9 years old.  As soon as I started school, it was my goal to learn English as quickly as possible, and by the time I was in eighth grade, I was able to speak it fluently.  I also was very diligent and dedicated to my studies, earning top grades consistently throughout high school and college.

I was able to go on to college and study. My dream was to become a teacher so I made plans to go onto graduate school and earn my teaching certification.  Even though at the time I had no legal status, I was determined to continue my dreams.  Unfortunately, the day after graduation while on my way to graduate school I was stopped by Border Patrol and put on deportation proceedings. Thanks to Senator Durbin I was able to receive deferred action prior to the DACA program.  Once DACA was in effect, I was able to continue my stay in this country and my deportation was put on hold.

Thanks to DACA I have been given the opportunity to contribute to this country in many ways.  I have worked in the nonprofit sector organizing English as a Second Language and Computer classes for immigrant adults.  I also have worked in healthcare, providing interpretation services for patients and medical staff.  Without DACA, I would no longer be able to contribute to this country in significant ways.

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