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Connecting Families to the Internet and Teaching Digital Literacy

Briana Washington and Karinna Astorga led the Chicago Connected Campaign. They partnered with others to call families and offer resources to get them connected to free internet. 

A team of sixteen people, including several parent mentors, were hired to reach out to families. The team made 8,605 calls and successfully connected 1,832 families to free internet.

Now Astorga and Washington are working to promote digital literacy. Washington said, “Currently we are developing curriculum that will help students and parents with online learning. We have lessons going over how to use a computer, how to make an email, Google Drive, Zoom, Google Classroom, how to use Parent Portal/Aspine, and transitioning (elementary school into middle school, high school into college).”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the work was done remotely. The ongoing digital literacy work will also continue online. Washington said, “We’re organizing different sessions to be available through Zoom and Facebook Live, as well as making some videos to be posted and shared on SWOP’s social media pages.”

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