Welcome to the Southwest Organizing Project’s (SWOP) website. We are glad you are here. We hope this website will give the institutions, leaders, and residents of Southwest Chicago the opportunity to connect with one another, tell their stories, and build power for change in the community.

Statement From the Southwest Organizing Project

Today, once again, a verdict has been rendered which fails to hold police accountable for their deadly actions.  SWOP stands in solidarity with all of those acting to build power in black and brown neighborhoods, who are organizing to create genuine and transformative racial and economic equity in their communities, in housing, in schools, in health care, and other sectors affecting black and brown households. It is in this spirit, as we remember Breonna Taylor, that we stand with those calling for a swift and decisive end to an overreliance on violent force to resolve conflict, and a failure to hold those accountable, particularly as it relates to police violence, to the communities they are entrusted to serve.  

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