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Local School Council Elections

Local School Council (LSC) elections are on April 22-23. Why may community members want to get involved? Castro, an education organizer at SWOP, said that when you “invest in your schools, you invest in your neighborhoods.” 

Castro also explained that LSCs are a way of practicing democracy that can make change here and now. Participating in public spaces is critical. 

SWOP wants strong LSC candidates and elections, because LSCs can create positive changes in schools which can act as powerful community anchors. 

According to Chicago Public Schools, LSCs serve their schools by “Monitoring the school improvement plan,” “Monitoring the school’s budget and expenditures,” and “Evaluating their school’s principal annually, as well as selecting a new contract principal for their school or renewing the contract of their current principal.” 

LSCs can shape their schools. LSCs can create local change rapidly. Meetings are public spaces where neighborhoods can do democracy. Community involvement is needed to make this happen.

Learn how to apply and more here: https://cps.edu/lscrelations/Pages/LSCElections.aspx

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